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HIS 3870X2 1GB Eroare atikmdag.sys
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Thread: HIS 3870X2 1GB Eroare atikmdag.sys

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    Cum probabil multi dintre voi ati intalnit aceasta eroare eu unul nu ii dau de cap si va solicit ajutorul.Este vorba de o placa video HIS 3870X2 1GB.In momentul instalarii acelui driver,atat ultimul 10.8 postat pe site-ul celor de la ATI sau oricare altul pentru seria 3000 ori termina de instalat sau chiar in timpul instalarii imi da blue screen si eroarea "atikmdag sys".Am tot cautat solutii,dar nici una dintre ele nu mi-a rezolvat aceasta problema.Am conectat si acei pini pe placa respectiv 2x6 pini.Configuratia este:


    Astept sugestii.


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    Dezinstaleaza driverul, foloseste un Driver Sweeper/Cleaner sa cureti tot ce mai ramane si apoi instaleaza primul driver de seria 3000 de Vista 64 (nu ar trebui sa intampini probleme la instalare pe Win7).
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    Ideea este ca am reinstalat Windows-ul din nou,curat,fara update-uri,fara drivere pentru placa de baza.Am pus doar driver-ul pt.placa video si numai da ecran albastru cu eroarea.Insa daca deschid catalyst-ul,la orice setarii imi apare "Display driver atikmdag stopped responding and has successfully recovered".Am dechis si un film Avi sau Hd la fel face.

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    Default HIS 3870X2 1GB Eroare atikmdag sys

    Hi, Ive been trying to start mining again. I quit at the beginning of the summer and now Im trying to set up my rig for the x11/x13 switching pools. Im attempting to use sgminer 5.0 badman 74 build. I have a friend that has used this build successfully with 290s and 280xs. Ive been trying to get this to run on a single reference R9 290 that is watercooled. I have four R9 290s in the loop but 3 of them are turned off until I figure this out. When I use the exact config file my friend uses for his Sapphire Tri-x 290s, sgminer blue screens every time and tells me System_service_exception atikmdag.sys. Im using Catalyst 14.9.2 BETA Heres what Ive tried to fix it. Ive tried downloading a fresh copy of sgminer 5.0. Ive reinstalled windows 8.1 Ive tested scrypt mining using the downloaded sgminer 5.0, and it works fine At the end of his config file he has a line that says "gpu-fan" : "50" When I delete this line I dont get a BSOD but sgminer simply starts and immediately closes Ive reinstalled my drivers using DDU Any ideas?

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