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    M-am gandit ca daca tot ne folosim de HWBot am putea sa le si dam o mana de ajutor (cerut de catre ei aici ). Astfel, contactandu-i in vederea unei mici donatii am aflat de la ei ca ii putem ajuta si asa :

    Thank you for wanting to help us. If you want to help us out without using paypal, ask some of your forum members to take a look at the google advertising on our home page, and click the one you find interesting. Don't click more than once, and don't click those you really don't find interesting. : )
    Deci, cine are chef de dat cate vizitat vre-un site de hardware poate incerca si link-urile de pe HWBot.

    Oll za best!

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    sau cine are paypal si are pierduti niste maruntisi prin el, pm me sa facem o singura donatie, cat de mare se poate.


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