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Thread: Concurs overclocking Gigabyte

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monstru View Post
    Pai...asta e cam tot ce am facut eu pe acolo...Asta si frecventa procului
    Trebuia sa fii un pic mai boem....... "Sa facem inghetata cu aroma de procesor "

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    Si iata ca avem primele destalii concrete despre etapa din Cehia. Sincer sa fiu sunt foarte dezamagit de timpul alocat concursului efectiv.

    European GOOC Final Agenda ...

    Arrival and check-in after noon time in Hotel Corinthia Tower, Prague, Czech. Dinner in the hotel.

    08:00-08:30 Registration
    08:30-11:30 Set-up & testing
    11:30-12:00 Opening – welcome speech
    (12:30-15:00 Buffet - lunch at hotel)
    12:00-17:00 Competition
    17:00-19:00 Free time, hotel wellness
    19:00-19:30 Awards ceremony
    19:30-00:00 Dining at hotel & party

    Check-out from the Hotel. Half day our in Prague (the tour content will be released later). Departure from Czech.

    GO OC 2009: Battle for the Best X58 OC

    Hardware Configuration (Provided by GIGABYTE)
    Intel Core i7 965
    GIGABYTE GA-EX58-UD4P Motherboard
    GIGABYTE GV-N26OC-896H-B Graphics Card (SLI))
    Kingston KHX16000D3K3/3GX DDR3 Memory
    ENERMAX Revolution85+ 1050W Power Supply
    Intel X25-M SATA SSD 80G Hard drives

    OS / Benchmark / Utility / Driver / BIOS (Pre-installed by GIGABYTE)
    Items Detail
    OS Windows XP SP2
    Benchmark Super PI 8M
    3DMark 2006

    Utility, Tools EASY TUNE 6
    RIVATUNER v2.22

    CPU-Z v1.49

    GPU-Z v0.3.1

    Graphics Driver GeForce Driver 181.22 (PhysX enable)
    Motherboard BIOS F5

    Competition Regulations
    Hardware and software are provided by GIGABYTE; contestants are not allowed to use their own hardware or software.
    Due to hardware limited quantities, GIGABYTE will not provide replacements for any hardware failures.)
    Contestants are allowed to bring their own equipments for soldering ad modification. Modified hardware is allowed, so bring your modding tools.
    Contestants should bring their own LN2 pots for CPU. (LN2, Dry ice and thermal flasks will be prepared by GIGABYTE). Also any kind of cooling apparatus is allowed.
    HDD is pre-installed and configured with windows XP SP2, drivers, and utilities.
    No outside software, non-GIGABYTE prepared thumb drive, optical device, etc are allowed.
    Brand new USB thumb drive will be provided by GIGABYTE to save scores and screen shot.
    Contestants may bring their own multi meter or digital temperature meter.
    Hair dryers will not be provided, so ask nicely and borrow your girlfriend’s for the event.
    Contestants need to bring their own insulation tool kits. Also paper towels, extra thermo, Dixie CPU, thermal paste, Vaseline, scissors, etc. (GIGABYTE will provide a limited supply).

    Score Submission
    Scores Super PI 8M 3DMark 2006
    HDR/SM 3.0
    (Graphic performance)
    1st 12 6 10
    2nd 10 5 8
    3rd 8 4 6
    4th 6 3 4
    5th 4 2 2

    *There will be dedicated GIGABYTE Technical Staff Referees to verify the score and screen shots.


    Points will be awarded based on the results of each bench.
    Points will be totaled and posted at the end of each round.
    Contestants can update their results continuously within the valid set period of time set up by GIGABYTE.
    Benchmark scores submitted after time is called will not count.
    Contestants should “Printscreen” (PrtSc), save the results to GIGABYTE thumb drive and raise their hand to submit a score. GIGABYTE judges will then verify and take down the score.
    Failure to submit a score for a round will not lead to disqualification.
    Contestants with the highest points at the end of the competition will be declared champion.
    GIGABYTE judges may ask contestants to run benchmarks again to verify scores.
    Every contestant needs to save screenshot of result, otherwise the score isn’t valid.
    In case of a tie, contestant with the highest Super PI 32M is declared the winner.
    Every contestant has responsibility for your CPU safekeeping and has to return the original one after contest.

    **GIGABYTE reserves the right to modify/amend in any way the Rules and Regulations at any time without prior notice.

    1st: US$2,000 cash + Intel X25-M SATA SSD 80G

    2nd: US$1,000 cash + Enermax 1050W PSU + Kingston HKX14400D3K3/3GX

    3rd: US$ 500 cash + Emermax 1050W PSU + Kingston KHX14400D3K3/3GX


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